Well This Week Sucked

I’m writing to you from the Ulta Salon, which is one of my happy places. I have a grande latte with almond milk and an extra shot next to me as I wait for the red color to settle into my hair. I’m going to be grabbing some hair and makeup essentials on my way out before I head to my job that I love with people I adore.

So why is my blog titled “Well This Week Sucked?”

Well my dear friends, this has been one of the crappiest group of six days I think I’ve had in some time.

It’s fine. We’re fine.

Saturday felt like everything was coming at me at once. While getting ready to head home for the day, I found out a cousin passed away. This was the year I was planning to work toward financial independence, but I realized that’s going to have to happen a little quicker than I realized. To put the bitterest, runniest of icing on the carb-less cake made with too much salt, I was involved in a hit and run on Saturday night (with likely a drunk driver) and now my car needs a new door, as 465 is a Godless place.

Monday I found out the new door will likely cost around $1,000. Tuesday I woke up with a brutal migraine and had an off day at work which lead to a bad mental health night. Wednesday the migraine lingered in the way of extreme nausea. Thursday the migraine still lingered and I even passed the exit to Anderson on the way to work. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty defeated.

At least my hair looks good now

I’ve listened to enough Kasey Musgraves lately to get the regular reminder that when it rains it pours, which also means I should know there’s a rainbow hanging over my head, but when that rain is pouring that can be so difficult to remember. Even with things like positive affirmations and new medications it can be so easy to feel bogged down and think that nothing will ever get better.

I even found myself falling into my “am I ever going to get a break? Do I ever get to be happy?” trap where my brain is no stranger to traveling. It took browsing a jewelry website I loved (shout out to Stella and Tide!) to have an important reminder, though.

Carry on bravely.

No matter what, I’m here for a reason and I’ve come to far too quit so I have to carry on and carry on bravely. A bad week doesn’t make a bad life and there are people that love me. There are so many beautiful days ahead that I have to live and few bad ones will not negate those.

The same goes for you too,

Carry on bravely, my friend. Your best days are yet to come. Live them to the fullest and take in every single minute. Say yes to new things and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Carry on bravely.