About Rose

“So Who Are You?”

My name is Rose Flood and I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember. In December 2017, I received a bachelor’s degree in public relations at Ball State University. My past experience includes working as a member of the Race Marketing team at Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and as an Account Coordinator at Cardinal Communications, Ball State’s student-run strategic communications firm.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been a writer for my entire life. In elementary school, I would write stories during free time that would be passed around from classmate to classmate, so it makes sense that I landed in public relations. The things I write today may be drastically different from a series about talking pies I wrote when I was 11 (yes, that’s a thing that my classmates loved) but writing is something I still feel passionate about.

“So what do you write about?”

Truly, anything and everything. I find inspiration in odd places and am never afraid to put myself out there when looking at life experiences. I’m also an avid fan of all things beauty, so my blog is also serving as a good old beauty blog. Why a blog and not a vlog? Well in addition to being a writer as someone who has done on-camera work, I can tell you my writing is much more gooder (may or may not have gotten flustered and walked off live TV doing my first promo at Hoosier Park.)

“What’s a vanity desk?”

Glad you asked! We’re ballin’ on a budget over here, so furniture purchases especially require a lot of discernment and budgeting. I finally got myself a proper vanity not only for storage purposes, but to also stop doing my makeup on the floor. When I picked up some freelance work along the way, the vanity turned into a part time desk. So if I’m writing about makeup, the vanity is a vanity and when I’m writing about other things, it’s moonlighting as a desk.

“What the heck does ‘Writer. Advocate. Dynamite.’ mean?”

I would hope by this point in the bio the writer part would be explained, but just for extra clarity: I am indeed a writer. As I made my shift from college student to professional woman, I learned that my voice can really mean something. I’ve turned myself into an advocate for speaking out about mental health and am not afraid to talk about my experience as a sexual assault survivor. I try to keep my voice on this blog light as well, but I’ve learned that my words have power and I have zero intention of silencing myself.

As for the dynamite part, well, that was a bit of a fluke almost. I was joking with one of my bosses from Hoosier Park about secretly being tough, and his response was, “Dynamite comes in small packages.” I am dynamite. I can sit straight and quietly when I need but when the fuse is lit I won’t hold back, especially with my words.

If you ever relate to anything I write, no matter the content, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email me through my contact page and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @RoseMags_.

In my best “The Princess Diaries” voice that would make Julie Andrews proud: thank you for being here today.