Slow Down

Greetings from Big O Tires!

My dear readers,

I’m writing to you from the waiting area of Big O Tires in my hometown of Plainfield, Indiana. I wasn’t supposed to be here today, as I worked last night at Hoosier Park and I have to be back at work at 5. My car was being a little funky and my original plan was to come home after work on Saturday, but the fact that my passenger’s side floor was soaked with liquid yesterday caused some alarm. So I woke up at 7:30 a.m. and drove an hour and a half to get to my family’s favorite auto repair shop.

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows that situations like this can turn me into an anxious mess. When I was trying to plan this, I literally burst into tears while talking on the phone with my dad. “What if my car breaks down on the drive back? What if I’m late to work tonight? What if I don’t make it back to work at all?” I was spiraling and quickly feeling like I was losing control of my life.

Even as I sit here, laughing at myself because I forgot the one textbook I needed to bring, I can’t quite shake the sense of panic because I don’t know how the rest of my day is going to go.

I have to keep reminding myself: Slow down. Things will work themselves out.

I think that’s something we all need to remind ourselves. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in our non-stop world. Sometimes we have to sit back, sip our coffee and listen to the people waiting with you at Big O Tires talk about how robots are going to take over the world.

Everything will work out fine.

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