Celebrating May and Committing to June

“Write blogs based on Sierra Boggess’s word of the month,” I thought. “It’ll be a great writing prompt,” I thought. I opened my email the morning of May 1 to find that the word for May was “celebration.” I figured that was fitting. Plenty of great things would happen in May, starting with what was sure to be an anxiety-settling counseling appointment.

Gotta love Indiana.

On the way to that appointment, I hit the mother of all potholes and got a flat tire.


Granted, I found a way to give it a positive twist (I have a degree in public relations, don’t I?) and turn a bad thing into a good thing. I wasn’t hurt, I didn’t do damage to the actual wheel, and my tire was still under warranty so the only thing I lost was my time. I even made it into work on time.

Another thing I could celebrate in May is that I really started to find my feet at work. I started to find my groove and learn what works in my routine and how much I can fit into certain days. I even wrote my first news release for Hoosier Park as a professional and not just an intern. I’ve also been so much better with saving money, which is something that I struggled with when I started college.

I don’t have a picture for commitment, so here’s a selfie from Belmont Day, June 9.

To save time (and make for hopefully better blogs) I’m going to cover two months at a time. June’s word was commitment, which is something that I take very seriously. When most people hear commitment, they tend to think of romantic relationships. While I’m currently not in a romantic relationship, I take all of my relationships seriously and commit to them fully.

I commit to tasks until they are complete and even for some time after. I commit to plans to help someone when I know they need it. I commit to my faith even when it’s hard. I commit to being myself even when it’s not the option that everyone wants.

Committing to being me has been the most confusing thing as my life has been in transition. I feel like I’m walking a tightrope (cue Michelle Williams singing that song from “The Greatest Showman”) of trying to figure out “Is this a part of the new me that I want to bring into my life?” or “Am I simply mirroring what’s around me to be liked like I did when I was 16?” It’s an odd balancing act that plays with my commitment to myself but I know I’ll figure it out eventually.

June isn’t over yet (look at me being productive) but it still feels so unreal that 2018 is about halfway over. As always, I’m looking forward to what’s to come, in all aspects of life.

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